🌞🏊🎣🌞 (at Deia Mallorca)

🌞🏊🎣🌞 (at Deia Mallorca)

Shopping along the Grassmarket in Edinburgh. Lovely shops include Herman Brown and Godiva.

I visited McCraig’s tower, a coliseum that adds a curious face to the fabric of Oban’s skyline. Erected in 1902, it was built to replicate Roman Coliseums by John Stuart McCraig. McCraig, a wealthy man, hoped to create a lasting monument for his family and at the same time, keep stonemasons gainfully employed through the hard winters. In the original plan, McCraig hoped the coliseum to house an art gallery, adding a roof to the building to hold portraits of the family. But when McCraig died, his family tore apart at his will and the museum was left as an open air coliseum, which could imply that the Romans were once in Oban.

Now the structure houses a lovely garden with benches (Lyra Belacqua would have loved it!) and has by far the most gorgeous view of Oban Bay. Would suggest you go there as a place to engage in some snogging during sunset.

Views from the train I took from Glasgow to Oban, including a selfie I took while waiting for the bathroom. I finally got off after over 13 hours of traveling at the Oban Pier and was welcome by fresh fish and chips with warm peas and vinegar!

Walter Benjamin on a Donkey as a Child. From the Walter Benjamin Archives at the Museum of Jewish Art and History in Paris. 
Thanks for the photos Medieval Karl! More available here.

Cake, Cake, Cake, Cake, Cake..



But it’s not even my birthday..


This park in Brooklyn Heights was officially named after the late Adam Yauch (MCA) of the Beastie Boys.

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